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METABOLIUM has developed innovative process to enrich microalgae with organic Selenium on same form of selenium provided by plants grown in soil containing selenium. This technology is protected by four patent families with international delivery.

Microalgae include several hundreds of thousands of species. They are microorganisms whose development is based on the combined use of water, light energy, CO2 and other nutrients. They build plant material from photosynthesis or fermentation and store large quantities of oils, sugar or molecules of interest (pigments, carotenoids, etc.).

Selenium is a significant intracellular antioxidant and plays a role in various metabolic functions, including those involved in the struggle against oxidative stress. It is an essential nutrient to cellular life that is naturally metabolized by higher organisms from plants grown in soils containing selenium salts. Selenium deficiency causes various dysfunctions that can lead to serious pathologies (cardiac and muscular myopathies, osteoarticular dystrophy, thyroid gland disorders, etc.). This deficiency can stem from insufficient food intake or pathologies reducing selenium absorption (cancer, AIDS, aging).

All human beings have a defence system to fight oxidative stress—the overproduction of free radicals in response to chemical, environmental and endogenous stresses. Selenium is an important component of the primary antioxidant enzymes, in particular glutathione peroxidase and other selenoproteins that participate in various physiological and metabolic functions and protect cells against the harmful effects of oxidative stress by regulating cellular response.

Selenium plays a role in the normal functioning of the thyroid, improving the immune function and sperm production, as well as preventing cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer cell mutations. Some 30 selenoproteins perform these functions when selenium is “available.” Current research is focusing on the influence of selenium deficiency and oxidative stress on neurodegenerative diseases.

The platform is dedicated to the development of new products

Our scientific team has successfully accomplished the Selenium enrichment of various microalgae that may enhance health of human, animal and fish. It will bring new product lines for special applications in a next future.